On the move!!

Our time here at Denver Seminary is coming to a close…

I’ve always wanted to do a blog. Facebook or Instagram or any other social media tool feels largely inadequate to share our lives with our friends and family.

That being said, blogs have their own difficulties. Blogs take a lot of energy to keep up with. However, I think I have largely felt that way because of the amount of reading and writing that so often accompanies Seminary… or any academic endeavor for that matter.

So as our time here at Denver Seminary comes to a close and we move to Lubbock, Texas, I think it would be appropriate to start a blog. I’ve been terrible at keeping up with our friends and family who are far away in Washington and California. Therefore I hope this can also connect us with our new framily we are leaving here in Denver.

Our time here might be coming to a close, but I pray that our framily and family that we now have all over doesn’t. So pray for me that I can keep this (what feels like a silly) endeavor up and running in order keep everyone filled in about our lives, thoughts, and ideas.

In Christ,

Matt and Kassy

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