Avoid the “Quick-Fix” with your Kids

I’m not a parent, just to state that up front. So often when I make statements about parenting I turn to others who are more experienced than myself.

I ran across Ed Drew’s article, however, and felt that he was tapping a note that needs to be reiterated. Here’s a small portion of his article:

“We’re so often tempted to look for shortcuts. The consistent habit of reading the Bible together, talking about it, and making connections between what you read and ordinary life doesn’t feel spectacular. But consider this: Ten minutes a day spent talking about Jesus, five days a week, 40-something weeks a year adds up to around 39 hours. I’d be amazed if even the biggest “big conversation” with a child lasted an hour. So even if you did get three of those in a year, and made perfect use of them, you’d still have less than 10 percent of the input you’d have using a little-and-often approach.

And when the big conversations do come along, we’ll be ready for them, because we already have the building blocks in place—an accumulation of conversations and examples and familiar verses ready to refer back to. We don’t need to pin all our hopes on the “big leaps.””

What Ed brings to the table here is the long, intentional, process that is not only the discipleship process of our kids, but every other person.

For those of you who started a bible reading plan three months ago, or who have been wanting to, or recently started practicing prayer or giving, the reality about discipleship is that it is a life long process. By grace, Jesus slowly brings us along and builds us up in the Spirit as we cooperate with him in the sanctification process.

I want to encourage you, if you’re reading this and feeling discouraged about your current spiritual discipline habits, to be encouraged knowing that Jesus designed us for small incremental gains over the course of our life. He doesn’t expect us to be fully sanctified overnight. But what that requires of us is daily intentional practice of getting with him, and weekly intentional practices of fellowshipping with the body of Christ. Through this he will transform us more and more into his image as he takes us on our journey to himself.

The entirety of Ed’s blog post can be found here https://www.thegospelcoalition.org/article/discipling-kids-small-interactions/

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