Building what matters

Today’s Reading: Numbers 5-6; Psalm 45; 1 Corinthians 2-3

Time is a really precious commodity. We don’t have an infinite amount of time (on this side of heaven that is) a what we do in this life has eternal significance and consequences.

If I spend my entire life doing something that doesn’t matter, then I’ve wasted my life. I don’t think anyone wants to waste their lives on something that they come to find doesn’t matter ultimately.

But that begs the question: “how do I know what matters?”

You see if I can’t come to a knowledge of what truly matters in life then what is the point? I’m just shooting in the dark and hoping to hit a target I can’t see.

God hasn’t left us in the dark however. God has spoken and he has given us answers to those ultimate questions.

In the context of 1 Corinthians 2-3, Paul is writing to the Christians in Corinth and they are dealing with this issue of idolizing their leaders and becoming divisive over who follows who.

It would be like us saying, “I follow John Piper”; while another says, “I follow Matt Chandler”; while another said, “well, I follow John Calvin”; and then someone tried to come in with the mic drop and said, “well, I just follow Jesus.”

Their game of trying to create little tribes to follow, which caused instability in the church, Paul calls out as sin and really a waste of time.

Now, obviously, we need to pay attention to what our leaders are saying. If you have someone who claims to be a Christian and they are teaching something like, “everyone goes to heaven,” or “all religions lead to God,” or “Jesus was really just a man, he wasn’t God in the flesh,” then they are a heretic (I don’t say that lightly or flippantly) which means that they are outside and contrary to historical Christian teaching that is deemed to be correct (aka, it’s not what the bible teaches).

So all that aside, Paul is not wanting the church in Corinth to get distracted, after all these men who were named, who were ministering, in Corinth were “only servants” (1 Cor. 3:5) of God.

So what does Paul call them to do? What is it that we can take away from this passage?

If you read verses 3:10-23, what becomes abundantly clear is that we need to build our lives and build the church upon the foundation of Christ. What that practically looks like is making sure we aren’t getting distracted with marginal or non-essential issues. Rather we ought to have charity for one another in those cases.

Paul isn’t saying that we all have to become pastors. Indeed, not all of us should want that because not all of us are called to it!

But what that means for the moms, the dads, the bankers, the lawyers, the teachers, the supermarket checkouters, etc. is that everything concerning our faith, concerning our lives, ought to be built upon the foundation of Jesus Christ.

That means we deal honestly with one another.

That means we deal mercifully and graciously with our kids.

That means that we commit ourselves to the body of the church and care for one another in need.

We need to build our lives upon the foundation of Christ and build up the church on that foundation as well.

I hope and pray that as our Lord Jesus has offered his salvation to you, that you have received that and in doing so received the Spirit of God who empowers us to live for what matters most; glorifying God in all that we do and building our lives upon the foundation of Christ.

What ways have you failed to build your life upon Christ? What idols have you placed your trust in? What ways could you surrender you life to God more today?

Tomorrow’s Readings: Numbers 7; Psalm 46-47; 1 Corinthians 4


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