What if we lived like God was King?

Today’s Readings: Numbers 7; Psalm 46-47; 1 Corinthians 4

Because of our current (although flawed, we are very blessed to have it) government system, the concept of monarchy is one that gives us a weird rub.

We are used to having our voices heard.

We are used to voicing our opinions (whether valid or not).

We are used to having some say in how we live our lives, where we live, where we work, and what activities we engage with.

Our entire culture is actually set up so that we can govern and rule our lives as we’d like to. It’s really a historical abnormality.

All that to be said, when we come across the two Psalms we read today, the truth of the matter is that we have a really hard time internalizing God’s kingship over all the earth.

If God is King, that means that what He says goes. While we have some freedom to obey or disobey His commands, that does not negate the reality of His Kingship.

But so many of us (myself super included) live as if God is more of our royal advisor.

God in His Word tells us to love our neighbor even when it’s hard… but we take that more as royal advice rather than a command.

Case and point: a few nights ago, Kassy and I were running late and so we stopped to grab Chick-fil-a (oh, thanks be to God for their delicious spicy chicken sandwiches). As we were pulling out of the drive way, Kassy turned to me and said, “Matt, wait… shouldn’t we stop to let her stay the night with us? It’s so cold!” She was referencing the woman who appeared to be homeless sitting on the sidewalk with a sign that said, “anything helps.” I had seen this gal in that spot before. First thing my heart did was judge. The second thing my heart did was say “no” and naturally (even with the conviction of the Spirit) I didn’t say anything and I kept on driving…

Now, here’s the deal. God doesn’t tell us directly in the bible to pick up homeless people and have them stay with you a night. However, what is at the heart of Love Thy Neighbor other than that in that moment?!

The point of that story is that often I choose to take God’s promptings as simple advisements. I take God more often than not as my co-pilot who is helping me navigate MY life.

But look at Psalm 47: “Clap your hands, all you nations; shout to God with cries of joy. For the Lord Most High is awesome, the great King over all the earth” (NIV).

Our entire posture in life is supposed to be where Jesus is the object of our affection and joy. He is the one who we are to look to. He is the one who we are to worship. There is no selfie in the psalm. There is no ME in this psalm. There is no facebook posting about my life in this psalm. It’s all about God and His proper standing as King of the universe and how He is to be worshiped by all the earth.

Maybe you’ve had the Spirit tug on your heart like He has mine. Maybe you’ve had him prompt you to talk to that co-worker. Maybe He’s prompted you to reevaluate an aspect of your life. Maybe He’s even told you to go do something for His glory and ministry in the world.

I’m still growing in this. I’m still learning to give up my life and trusting in Jesus’ promise that I will find it in Him. I’m still learning to approach God as my King every day. We’re on a journey together, so if you feel like that, just know you’re not alone.

How have you neglected to treat God as King? How have you simply relegated Him to the place of Advisor in your life?

Tomorrow: Take a look at one of the passages read from this week and meditate on it some more. Find a question you had and dig deep into the text and the rest of scripture in search of an answer.


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