Our New Song

With everything going on, I think it is safe to say that many of us are feeling tired from talking about COVID19 and Coronavirus.

I think that a lot of our fatigue comes from the reality that we are all processing really bad news all the time. That isn’t anything new, but rather is just highlighted all the more because of our circumstances.

But, this past week I was reading through Psalm 96 and the first line stuck out to me for some particular reason –

“Oh sing to the Lord a new song…”

You see, Israel was almost always in a state of distress. They were at war, they were exiled, their nation eventually split into two kingdoms and then they had conflict with one another. Additionally, they had a ton of political issues with kings rotating through the throne (the majority of them were bad kings). There were only brief pockets in Israel’s history (biblically speaking) where they were at peace externally with other nations and internally with themselves.

Yet, the Psalmist sings, “Oh sing to the LORD a new song, sing to the LORD, all the earth!”

That really got me thinking –

why do we sing?

Well we sing in order to express our emotions. We sing about things that captivate our hearts and minds! Whether we are singing about a relational break up, or about the joys of marriage, or about our kids, or about Jesus, the reality is that we sing about the things that capture the strings of our hearts.

Stick with me here –

So the Psalmist, even in Israel’s constant-rollercoaster-of-a-history, God’s people in the Old Testament sang to God. He still captured their heart strings, he still captivated their affections!

And not only did they sing the same songs they used to sing, but they sang new songs. God was still at work amidst all of their circumstances and they not only recognized God’s handiwork in and among them, but they sang about it!

So for us, today, amidst our whole largely negative experiences with COVID and the constant stream of bad news, let me ask you this question:

Where have you seen God still at work in your life?

For the Christian, the truth of the matter is that God never stopped working in your life. The circumstances of our life just distracted us from seeing him clearly.

What new song can you sing to the Lord? Where in your life this past week or weekend are you able to rejoice in God?

Let us rejoice in God, let us look for his workings and movings among us and in our days, let us not lose sight of him amidst all the distractions we face – the most important one being that Jesus’ life, death and resurrection is the mighty work of God that we can always think on to sing anew his praises.

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